Jan 15, 2010

Q U E E N - A N N E ' S - V A S E

oval version.

well, I am lazy. honestly, I got so wrapped up in designing this in my spare time, I forgot all about posting my pots.

but I'm back. this is the another of the slip inlaid pots from december. funny enough, this was originally going to be the backup for the AK-47 mug. when I am making something specifically for someone, I make more than one, in case it doesn't turn out. but after I did the handle on johnny's mug, I got all pissy and decided to heck with that and I'll just make it into whatever I want! so I squished it a little at the top, making it oval and went for a design exactly the opposite of an assault rifle.

this little pot is just about 3.75 inches across at the widest part of the oval. it's 3.25 inches at the narrow part and 4.25 inches tall.
like the wish pot, I put "pistachio" glaze inside and clear glaze outside. the queen anne's lace design was done in black slip inlay.

wheel-thrown, then squished (on purpose) and signed, december 2009


S O L D (03.02.10)