Oct 28, 2010

T H E - O T H E R S - W H O - M A D E

living up to promises

I found some images of the wonderful work the other gals did. (thank you, other gals who did.)
and though the show is almost two months past, they totally deserve some attention.

alisha shared a wall with me:

viewers of our wall, at the tail end of the night (at one point this space was packed!):

sam's wall, before anyone came:

katie's paintings (these were large lovelies—5 and 6 feet wide):

b's wall, with b showing her work (sorry for the crappy pic, b):

karen's work:

and karen, looking adorable:

if you see anything you like, let me know. maybe what you like hasn't sold yet. and well, I happen to know the artists...
-art pimp (not to be confused with artist pimp; karen is not for sale.)

Oct 26, 2010

W E - M A K E - S H O W

I promised you photos from the art show, so here are some. unfortunately, I didn't get many of people actually enjoying the show. I'll try to dig for some of those and post the in the next couple of days. in the meantime, here's the ME show (my work):

here's all of my non-pottery art. the sayings in them were things you tell yourself when you are trying to be creative (good things and bad things...):

close-up of the centerpiece. yup, that's hand-sewn paper.

folded paper. I got really into faux wood textures:

I had several different versions of this saying (har, har, har. get it?):

the big black pillar is more folded paper (faux wood):

hand-carved block with blue enamel overlay:

tying in some of my pottery motifs:

some of the pottery:

thanks again to anyone who came to the show. I had so much fun doing this. AND, I got to watch about a gajillion movies while “MAKING ART.” so many, that chris is going crazy trying to figure out what I DIDN'T watch. seriously, it's kind of ridiculous.