Feb 27, 2009


there's this stuff potters use called "black wax." when you apply it, it repels the glaze and leaves the area... you guessed it: black. this is the first of a few vases I did back in spetember of '07 using black wax. all the vases in this little series had bold geometric patterns on them. (i'll try to post them consecutively.)

i've included a ton of photos of this one because the pattern isn't the same all the way around, and I doubt it's one you could guess. if you look close, i've provided a 365° view for you.

the vase is 3.5 inches in diameter x 4.75 inches tall.
black wax (obviously) and matte white glaze.
it's wheel-thrown, signed and dated, september 2007

$25 (because it took a long time to hand paint that shit.)

Feb 24, 2009

R E D - L I N E - B O W L

in red and white

a lot of what I have learned in pottery is to let go of expectations and intentions and embrace what actually happens. it's a good life lesson, really.

this piece is another example of that lesson:
any of you who know me very well, know that I have a bit of a perfectionist in me. (yes, mom, that's an understatement...) I strive for perfection, and I honestly wish that more of my pieces turned out looking like they were made by a machine. let's face it, if you can hand-throw something and make it machine perfect, you are a master. a rockstar. a badass.

so I intend to make each piece as perfect as it can be. and I
intended the red in this little bowl to come out as a nice, even, solid red. however, red glazes are notoriously difficult; they are rarely true reds. in an effort to get a more vibrant color, I used an underglaze, and brushed it on, which harbors its own dangers... and this didn't come out how I intended. but it's actually kind of charming. not perfect, but still good enough for candy.

part of my line series, this bowl is just under 4.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall.
thrown on the wheel, signed and dated, january 2007


S O L D (03.09.09)

Feb 23, 2009

C L O U D - B O W L

in pistachio and latte

here's a bowl I did a while back.
unfortunately, it's already sold, and I didn't get all its stats. but I do know that the outside glaze turned out differently than I expected, with the mottled look. I think it looks like clouds.

wheel-thrown and dated, december, 2007
S O L D (01.12.09)

Feb 18, 2009

D R I P -D R I P - D R I P

okay, just one more drip bowl. then I will move on for a while. I swear.

this is a seriously sweet little bowl. i don't know why; there's just something about it.

it's about 4.75 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall.
it's got the drips over white inside, yes. but it's got "vanilla cream" glaze outside (like the baking dish I posted on january 23 and the asian inspired bowl I posted a few days ago - february 12) which makes it this nice buttery color outside.
thrown on the wheel, signed and dated, february 2008


S O L D (actually gifted - 07.26.09)

Feb 17, 2009

B R O W N - D O T S - C U P

letting a little more of my fancypants show!:

this is made from two kinds of clay. the base is made from clay called "white salmon," and the dots are a chocolate brown clay. the dots are
actually just slightly raised from the surface of the lighter clay. when I went to glaze, I left them both their natural color - I only glazed them in a clear gloss. but the inside of the cup is done in "latte" glaze, which is a creamy color when it's applied thick. it breaks and becomes that nice rust color (like the stripe around the top of the cup) when it's applied in a thin coat.

how's that for a little pottery lesson?

I hand-built this one and I added a little part that juts out. reminiscent of a handle, though honestly, I doubt you'd really use it that way.
it's not perfectly round, so it just sits really nicely in your hand. though it'd make a pretty cute little vase too.

okay, here are the rest of the stats:
2.5 inches in diameter. then the little side tab sticks out and makes it just under 3.25 inches at its widest. it's 4.75 inches tall.
signed and dated, november 2008

S O L D (12.08.09)

Feb 12, 2009

A S I A N - I N S P I R E D

you knew I couldn't stay away from the drips for too long, right?

at least this one is fancy:
it's wheel-thrown, then you mess with it while it's still wet to curve the edges.

6.5 inches at its widest x 2.75 inches tall.
signed and dated, february 2008

Feb 11, 2009


after I posted that casserole dish the other day (see CASSEROLE, feb. 04, 2009), I realized there's another theme I tend to do on my pottery, and that's a carved sort of scribble. (I think I started it on a bowl, where it was a SCRIBBOWL. get it?) anyway, the carvings aren't super easy to see in the photos I previously posted, so I thought I'd give you a better idea of what I'm talking about.

this is a SCRIB-VASE. okay, that doesn't really work. it's a vase. with the scribble thing. this one isn't really for sale; I love it and keep it on my desk at work. but if you would like one like it, let me know, and I'll make you one. or you can try to bribe me to sell this one to you and make myself a new one. but good luck with that.

2.5 inches in diameter x 5.25 inches tall.
signed and dated april, 2007.
not for sale (but if I made you one, I'd probably charge you about $15.)

p.s: thanks to sarah runie for her wonderful photography. I neglected to mention it in my last posting, but she did those pics too.

p.p.s: I've decided to post my photos bigger. better? yes? no?

Feb 10, 2009

S M A L L - B O W L - S E T

I made these little bowls a while back. i'm not sure when exactly, as I forgot to look at the dates on the bottoms when I sold them. so they are now gone off into the world, to hold things all on their own, with just a slightly incomplete record of their existence. maybe in people terms, that's like losing your social security card.

blue: 4.5-inch diameter x 2.5 inches high.

orange: 3.75-inch diameter x 2.5
inches high.
signed and dated, sometime.

$25 for both

S O L D (02.05.09)

Feb 4, 2009


not sure that I have mentioned this, but everything I make is microwave and dishwasher safe. gotta love stoneware.

this dish is 11 inches wide at its longest. that's including handles. it's 9.5 inches without, 7.75 inches across and 2.5 inches deep.
it's got a hand-carved scribble decoration and matte white glaze on the outside. inside, I layered in perfect white (glossy) glaze. glossy glazes are better for foodstuffs. like the other casserole dish (baking dish, jan. 23, 2009), this one is wheel-thrown and hand-built. signed, march 2008

S O L D (10.2009)

Feb 2, 2009

T W I N - L I N E - T E A C U P S

okay, I am admittedly obsessed with that drip glaze thing, but after looking at what I have posted, I realize it looks like that is all I use.

I SWEAR, it isn't.

(in fact, I take requests. so if you see something you like, but don't like the colors I used on it, speak up and I'll make another. in the meantime, I will post a couple of non-drippy items, so you won't be bored out of your minds.)

here are some non-drippy teacups, for example.
one cup is about
3.25 inches in diameter and the other is more like 3.5 inches. (remember, handmade means that nothing is an exact duplicate. plus, I think it helps them stack better.) both are about 1.5 inches tall. I used a brown underglaze on the inside and the outside is a glossy celadon (light green).
wheel-thrown and signed, february 2007

$ 20 (for both; it would be silly to separate them)


ps: a big thank you goes to chris, for helping me photograph this.