Feb 17, 2009

B R O W N - D O T S - C U P

letting a little more of my fancypants show!:

this is made from two kinds of clay. the base is made from clay called "white salmon," and the dots are a chocolate brown clay. the dots are
actually just slightly raised from the surface of the lighter clay. when I went to glaze, I left them both their natural color - I only glazed them in a clear gloss. but the inside of the cup is done in "latte" glaze, which is a creamy color when it's applied thick. it breaks and becomes that nice rust color (like the stripe around the top of the cup) when it's applied in a thin coat.

how's that for a little pottery lesson?

I hand-built this one and I added a little part that juts out. reminiscent of a handle, though honestly, I doubt you'd really use it that way.
it's not perfectly round, so it just sits really nicely in your hand. though it'd make a pretty cute little vase too.

okay, here are the rest of the stats:
2.5 inches in diameter. then the little side tab sticks out and makes it just under 3.25 inches at its widest. it's 4.75 inches tall.
signed and dated, november 2008

S O L D (12.08.09)

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