Nov 4, 2011

C Y L I N D E R - V A S E S - W I T H - O A K

as part of the wood frenzy, I made these vases inlaid with wood rings. okay, techincally, they aren't inlaid, I guess. the wood goes through to the inside, so they are actually rings sandwiched between clay. ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!

sorry. couldn't help myself.

anyway, now that I have reminded you how nerdy I am, I will confess some other things as well:
1. I want to make about a dozen more of these in varying shapes and sizes for my next show.
2. maybe, just maybe, I will attempt vases with more than one ring. that could get tricky though;
3. when I fired them, they stuck together and there was a good bit that I thought I wouldn't be able to get them apart to put the wood in there.
4. I, of course, did not do the wood myself (thanks again, mike berg).
5. I need a new wood guy. mike berg can't devote his life to helping me. wah.


I didn't get a chance to measure these, but they are glazed with eggshell wash outside and copper patina inside, which is what gives them that greenish tinge around the top lip. I also had to do some white underglaze around the areas where the wood was going so there wouldn't be weird unglazed areas. (underglaze won't stick together. actual glaze will.)
wheel-thrown and signed july (or august?) 2011.
$135 for the short, $150 for the tall

S O L D – even before the show started (08.04.11)

Nov 2, 2011

W O O D L A N D - A N I M A L S - M O B I L E

I give up. I simply cannot take a good photo of this; it is impossible. no, really. three other people have tried besides me, and not to sound ungrateful or anything, but they didn't do much better.

so trust me on this one. this mobile is adorable. yet not cute. it's got a kind of quiet sophistication about it so a real-life grown up (or someone pretending to be) can hang it in their house without being fodder for mocking. no really, it's hanging in our house right now, and the dog never mocks us over it.

anyway, mobiles are something different for me. and now I CAN'T STOP looking at them. I have pulled all sorts of inspiration pictures and ideas though I really have maybe one okay place to put one, and chris has some sort of weird aversion to them that I have never really understood. anyway, expect more mobiles. different ones too, though I really need to source hanging devices...

this one features all the favorite woodland animals from the tiles: moose, bear, fox, snail and squirrel. it's got NO GLAZE on it. just iron oxide, which brings out the faux wood grain on the animals. I saved the *glaze* for the real wood parts. (*oil, actually.) the "sticks" are oak (thank you, mike berg).

hand-made and not signed because I couldn't figure out where to sign it. 2011.


chris and I arguing about how high to hang it at the show:

close up so you can see the wood details on the animals:

the last attempt to get a full shot of it while it hangs at home: