Feb 22, 2011

W O O D - B O X E S - E T C .

somehow, I ended up with three separate commissions for the “faux bois” (fake wood) boxes in varying heights. here are two of them, plus a little vase I made with scraps. it's really quite impossible for me to toss out perfectly good scraps, so I ended up with a couple of non-commissioned pieces this session as a result. I'm actually quite relieved; I still get a little panicky at the realization that I only have one or two unsold pieces lying around. WHAT IF SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE A GIFT? god forbid I don't have a crate of pottery stashed under my desk to sell.

one of two tall boxes (for julie or monica):

for sam:

scrappy vase:

surprisingly, this session did NOT allow me enough time to complete all my commissions. I thought I would be able to rock it all out, but alas, I still have a few things yet to make. so expect updates on yet another casserole dish, a square-ish orange bowl, and a squished vase with tons of black triangles hand-painted all over it.

I have a couple of new interesting pieces to do as well, but I'll let you know what those are all about when I get somewhere. CAN YOU BEAR THE SUSPENSE?