Oct 6, 2011

A N I M A L - T I L E S

yes, I am still here. it's been a heck of a month (+). things have been crazy busy, and just crazy in general. so here we are; it's october, and I'm still recapping august.

anyhoo... enough with the self recriminations. I made these! and they were in my show. and they were big sellers. maybe because they were reasonably priced, or maybe because they are cute as heck. you be the judge. but I mean come! on! woodland animals! on tiny easels!

each one was different sized – whatever felt right for the animal. the moose, for example (on the far right of the first photo), was about 7 or 8 inches square.
I applied iron oxide stain before glazing the interior of each animal with copper patina.
hand-carved, signed and dated july, 2011 ish.
each $25 (includes tiny easel).

S O L D (08.04.11)

and now individually. “put a fox on it:”

“put a snail on it:”

“put a bear on it:”

“put a squirrel on it:”

“put a moose on it:”