Jun 13, 2011

T H E - S I L E N C E - M E A N S - I ' M - W O R K I N G

it's been too long. and I have a desk full of work I haven't shown you. but I also had planned to try chris's other camera to see if I would do better shooting with that. you know, less complicated, less cursing. and then it got stolen out of our truck, along with chris's laptop.


besides that, I have been BUSTING MY ASS. yes. there's going to be a WE MAKE II. (another group show.) it's august 4th, here in portland, so mark your calendars and buy your plane tickets now!

anyway, I have Grand! Plans! for this show. lots of experiments going on here, and lots of possibility for failure. and lots of work. I don't want to give anything away yet, but am trying to document what I've got going on, so that I'll be able to share. and I've been working on projects almost every day in the hopes of getting things ready in time.

so stay tuned.