Mar 25, 2011

A V O C A D O - L I N E - B O W L S

for mary

at the sale, I only had one little line bowl and it sold fast. so I ended up making a few new ones. this is a set for mary. I think maybe for her bathroom.

anyway, despite it being one of my “regular” shapes/motifs, this is a little different for me. usually I like to pair matte with gloss, but the avocado glaze is more of a satin than a gloss. and I like it. it makes me want to experiment a bit with satins, mattes and glosses.

each bowl is about 4.75 inches in diameter and 2.125 inches tall. and, you pretty much guessed it: the outside is chocolate matte underglaze. the inside and lines are avocado satin.
thrown! on the wheel! and signed january, 2011

S O L D (03.30.11)

Mar 22, 2011

S H O R T - W O O D - B O X ( # 2 )

for sam

this is another commission. the lovely and generous sam was kind enough to let the original faux bois box I had at the holiday sale go, even though she clearly had dibs written all over it as soon as she saw it. so here's hers, #2.

it pretty much speaks for itself, except that it had no cracks or flaws. so there, tall box.

this is 3.75" tall at its tallest point x 5.75" wide x about 4.25" across the other way. and sam stuck with the original colors: eggshell wash over iron oxide with blizzard blue inside.
hand-built and dated february, 2011

Mar 17, 2011

T A L L - W O O D - B O X

for monica

finally, some results.
this is the faux wood box monica commissioned. she saw the short one I had in my sale and asked for a taller one, with pistachio inside.

and only THREE MONTHS LATER, voila!

it's 7.75" tall x 6.25" wide and 4.25" deep. and oh, there's a crack inside on one of the corners. now, now, the crack has no bearing on the structural integrity of this piece; it's perfectly fine since the crack doesn't go all the way through. but yes, it is aesthetically flawed. AND, the glaze did some stupid stuff in one of the other inside corners. stupid, stupid glaze. (outside: eggshell wash over iron oxide, inside: pistachio)
hand-built and signed, january 2011.

S O L D (03.22.11)

Mar 2, 2011


tonight I will be able to pick up the entirety of the pieces I made last session. here are some pics of the pieces after they've been glazed, BEFORE final firing.

a little pinch pot:

sometimes when a piece is glazed it turns yellow. it doesn't actually show once you fire the piece; it's really just moisture seeping through. also, the outside hasn't been glazed in this pic, so that will be covered by white glaze when it's all said and done.

half glazed. better than half-baked. which, well... it actually is:

better photos of final pieces soon!