Mar 17, 2011

T A L L - W O O D - B O X

for monica

finally, some results.
this is the faux wood box monica commissioned. she saw the short one I had in my sale and asked for a taller one, with pistachio inside.

and only THREE MONTHS LATER, voila!

it's 7.75" tall x 6.25" wide and 4.25" deep. and oh, there's a crack inside on one of the corners. now, now, the crack has no bearing on the structural integrity of this piece; it's perfectly fine since the crack doesn't go all the way through. but yes, it is aesthetically flawed. AND, the glaze did some stupid stuff in one of the other inside corners. stupid, stupid glaze. (outside: eggshell wash over iron oxide, inside: pistachio)
hand-built and signed, january 2011.

S O L D (03.22.11)

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  1. I'm so glad you took up pottery and stuck with it. Your work is both accessible to mundanes (like me) but elegant at the same time making it fitting for even those with high-end, discerning tastes (like Laura). We can't wait to get into the house to display the wedding gifts you gave us! Lovely!