Apr 20, 2010

A S T E R I S K - B O W L

you may not know this, but there's this thing I do a lot on my pottery. a scribble thing. I don't have a lot of it documented on this site, but I do it a fair bit - evidently on pieces that slip past me posting them for some reason or another. anyway, you can see it here. in my experiment-with-underglaze-pencil-drawing phase, I decided to give some scribbles a try in another way. and here they are. I kind of like how they turned out and how they look like I drew them left-handed. while hanging upside down on monkey bars. drunk.

this bowl is a decent size. not huge, but not small either. kind of like what you'd put a big bunch of grapes in. or rice for a family of four: it's 6.75 inches wide x 3 inches high. the outside is a new color for me: pippin green. and the inside is perfect white glaze over black underglaze pencil (which turns blue in the firing process).
signed and dated february 2010.

S O L D (09.02.10)

Apr 16, 2010

C H O C O L A T E - W I T H - D R I P S

I thought about making this a "B is for bowl" and drawing a B on it, but changed my mind just before glazing. and this color combo is one I can't seem to get enough of. it always turns out beautifully. well, in my opinion it's beautiful. I guess I should say it's a fairly reliable glaze combination.

this is a medium sized bowl: it's 5.5 inches in diameter x 2.75 inches tall.
the outside is chocolate brown underglaze and the inside is pure white matte, with drips of aqua gemstone glaze.

I threw it on the wheel and it's signed, february 2010

S O L D (04.15.10)

Apr 12, 2010

" A " - B O W L

get it?

I was inspired by the letter "a" hanging above my friend sam's desk. and, well sam's art. sam does lovely things with type. and other things too. and when we showed together, it was magical. okay, it was pretty cool and I decided to give it a shot. I like how it turned out, but am not sure I'll go further with it, at least in this style. maybe with the black wax or some inlay. mostly I was bummed out about the green glaze drip on the corner. the color was an experiment, which albeit beautiful, was also a bit runny. thankfully, sam didn't care; she bought the dish. (thanks, sam!)

wouldn't you know, I forgot to measure the dish before I sent it on to its new home. it's about the same width as the long trays I've made, so I am guessing it's about 6.5 inches wide x about 1.75 inches high. and the length... maybe 8 inches?
I used black underglaze pencil to draw the "a." when covered with perfect white glaze, it turns blue. magic! on the outside, I put
scotch pine over vanilla cream. (I think. I'll have to look that one up.)
hand built. signed, january 2010

S O L D (03.18.10)

Apr 7, 2010

S U C C U L E N T - S T A R T - P O T

while I was making the BLOOD CUPS and the STARR POT, I also made myself a little pot for some succulent starts I have been nursing on my windowsill for a while now.

it's an itty bitty little thing: 3.25 inches in diameter x 1.75 inches high.
french gray glaze inside and pure white matte out.

I wheel-threw it and signed it, january 2010
not for sale.

Apr 6, 2010

M U G S - O N - M Y - M I N D

it seems to be mug season. I have orders for about a dozen mugs this session, of all different types. here are some I made a couple years ago. some of you may recognize them; they are in use, in my kitchen. (ya, that's my fabulous new kitchen.)

I made a set of two for dudley and then made a few more. according to my step-mom, who received a set for christmas that year, they hold 12 oz. of liquid perfectly, which I totally did on purpose. ya, totally.

anyway, I am heading home now to trim about 7 mugs of a different kind before class tomorrow. so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and rob the house. I'll be the one in the basement with the music blaring.