Mar 4, 2010

B L O O D - C U P S

finally, the blood cups! I got a guy at work who is MUCH better than me at photography to help me figure out how the heck to shoot my stuff reliably well. I hope. this was the first photoshoot, and I'll try again soon to know if I can duplicate what he showed me on my own. I have to admit; I already tried shooting something else with another camera, and was less successful; the buttons don't all do the same things, dang it! but of course that also could have been because I was shooting a friend's back tattoo in a poorly lit bathroom.

anyway, here are the BLOOD CUPS.
final sizes are just approximately 3 inches in diameter x about 2 inches tall.they vary a bit, being handmade and all.
the outside glaze color is pure white matte. the little bit of tan you see showing through on the front of one is the color of the clay. and inside? BLOOD. okay, no. really it's the new and improved ripe apple red (it used to be less red and more sucky, so I rarely if ever used it).
wheel-thrown and signed, january 2010


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