Mar 18, 2010

M U L T I - M U L T I - C O L O R E D - L I N E - C U P S

when I was making the BLOOD CUPS, I was having an off day; I couldn't throw two things the same size to save my own life. I ended up with a bunch of random bowl/cups, none quite the same, so I decided to glaze them all different colors as well.

so far, two have been snapped up (thank you, jen c.!). the fiesta yellow, and the flame orange.
but here they all are. (I couldn't help but to photograph them all together, look how cute they are stacked!) the ones which are still available are the aqua color and the two blue ones. one was supposed to be lavender, but I was using glaze from the bottom of the bucket, and I suspect there was a lot of cobalt settling down there which turned it more blue than purple. that's the large one. the smaller blue one is glazed in cobalt blue. it did some really nice things when it fired, as you can see in the pics below. the medium sized bowl was done in pacific blue, which just might be my new favorite color. it's a really lovely aqua in person.

here are the sizes:
largest blue (lavender):
3.5 inches in diameter x 2.5 inches high
medium (pacific blue):
3.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches high
smallest (cobalt): 3.25 inches in diameter x 1.75 inches high

oh and the outside glaze color is pure white matte. of course.
all of them are wheel-thrown and signed, january 2010

$15 each,
$25 for a set of two, or
$40 for all three

(below) stacked!:

see what I mean about how cute they look?:

jen c.'s orange and yellow cups:

still homeless:

intended to be lavender, but actually blue (largest):

pacific blue (medium):

see what i mean about the glaze flashing nicely? cobalt blue (smallest):


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