Mar 30, 2010

F R E N C H - G R A Y - T R A Y

when I made leslie's casserole dish, I made a spare, which I used as a glaze experiment. actually, it was a black wax experiment more than anything else. I applied the wax OVER the glaze instead of under, to see what would happen. okay, and out of laziness; it's really tedious and time consuming to wipe back the gaze from the wax if you put it on first. anyway, the effect is pretty cool, for a more rustic look. I wonder though, if the type of wax I used made a difference. I used the classroom's store of wax, which is a different brand and consistency than mine.

the final piece is approximately the same size as leslie's dish (same mold used):
6.5 inches wide x 15.25 inches long x 1.75 inches tall.
black wax over french gray glaze.

hand-built and signed, january 2010

S O L D (03.30.10)

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  1. I wanna come throw pots and learn from the master (that's you, by the way)!!! I'm jealous.