Mar 10, 2010

W O N K Y - G R A Y - B O W L

I swear when I threw this it was not nearly as wonky as it is now. I know that as I am working I sometimes pick still-wet pieces up in ways that perhaps are not so good for their symmetry, but I swear it was not this crooked, even when I turned it in for firing.

anyway, despite its stealthy wonkiness, it's a fairly good sized bowl. it's 9.5 inches across x 2.5 inches tall.
the outside glaze color is french gray - a new color for me. I'm still experimenting with it; it seems to be a bit hard to get an even coat on, but I did pretty well on this piece. inside, it's pure white matte.
wheel-thrown and signed, december 2009


S O L D (09.20.10)

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