Jun 29, 2009

S Q U A T - B O T T L E - V A S E

in latte

I intended to post at least once a week in my time off from actually making my pottery. clearly it has turned into once a month and my grasp on being one of those Impressive People Who Get Things Done, or Someone Who Accomplishes Things is slowly slipping, and I am now Someone Who Accomplished Things in February 2009.

>sigh<>it was done in latte glaze, which makes both the lighter color and the rust color, depending on how thick/thin you apply it.
I thought the dark color would make the grooves stand out a bit more. and they do.
wheel-thrown and signed, february 2009


S O L D (12.08.09)

Jun 1, 2009


when I was learning the technique of brushing another, darker slip onto the outside of a pot for the crackle effect, I did an experiment. (let me know how you think it turned out; I still haven't made up my mind.)

I threw this bowl, and painted on a very thick, uneven coat of "raisin" colored slip on the outside. I then poked holes around the top of the bowl, large enough to poke stuff through. I was thinking about ribbon or leather. being that the final effect was a rather raw, rough one, I opted for the leather over the ribbon. ribbon just didn't go (and I'm all about harmony...)

approximately 2.5 inches tall x 6 inches in diameter.

transparent glaze over the entire thing. no colors added, just clay color. the slight whitish/blueish color on the outside is where the clear glaze pooled up.
wheel-thrown and signed, december 2007

SOLD (12.08.09)