Jan 27, 2011


welcome to commissionville, where things are moving along. here are a few shots of what I am currently working on. (sorry for the crappy photos, but we're working with a camera phone here. and I refuse to do any photoshop work on camera phone photos. at least I do today.)

all of what you will see is greenware, meaning it is still wet clay and has not yet been fired. (this is when you have to be most careful with it and keep your damn fingernails away! away!

here's a large pot. one of two I am making this session:

and here's the wood grain up-close, personal and shadowy.

here are two small lines bowls and the beginnings of a casserole dish. I threw the sides on the wheel (that's it setting up enough so I can bend it):

and here is it bent with the bottom attached:

here are the handles drying (and ya, maybe some star ornaments I could not keep myself from cutting from my scraps):

handles attached:

and decorated. you know, for grip.

since I took these photos last weekend, these have all gone into the kiln for their first firing. we'll see how they turn out in two weeks (I am taking a week off to go to the beach).

that's all for now. but hey, if you have a piece coming to you, let me know if you want to see some in-progress pictures. those are easy.

Jan 10, 2011

T H E - S W E E T E S T - G I F T

as you may know by now, chris's mom, randy, is a photographer in her spare time. and look what she gave me for xmas: a set of cards with shots of some of my vases holding flowers!

here are a few of my favorites: