Dec 16, 2010

T H E - D A Y - A F T E R

thank you to everyone who made the sale a success. (it was!) here are some photos. they'll have to document all the work I didn't actually take the time to photograph or measure. whoops.

pretty much everything is sold. I only have about 4 things left that aren't (see below for what). give me a holler if you need any last-minute gifts!

mostly new stuff. the white plate is still available:

one unglazed piece made the sale:

I called this gray sake set "the third wheel."
chris told me I should market it as the "menage a trois" set instead.

the green plate with the black design in the foreground is still available:

all of these are still available:

monica models her commission:

look at me. I can't believe I am getting away with this:

maybe a little TOO happy...

ps: does my hair always look like that?

Dec 9, 2010

H O L I D A Y - S A L E - 2 0 1 0

it's time. been busting butt to get everything in the kiln for next wednesday, december 15. now, this sale is at my office, but if you are in town, come! I know how to get you in. ;)

Oct 28, 2010

T H E - O T H E R S - W H O - M A D E

living up to promises

I found some images of the wonderful work the other gals did. (thank you, other gals who did.)
and though the show is almost two months past, they totally deserve some attention.

alisha shared a wall with me:

viewers of our wall, at the tail end of the night (at one point this space was packed!):

sam's wall, before anyone came:

katie's paintings (these were large lovelies—5 and 6 feet wide):

b's wall, with b showing her work (sorry for the crappy pic, b):

karen's work:

and karen, looking adorable:

if you see anything you like, let me know. maybe what you like hasn't sold yet. and well, I happen to know the artists...
-art pimp (not to be confused with artist pimp; karen is not for sale.)

Oct 26, 2010

W E - M A K E - S H O W

I promised you photos from the art show, so here are some. unfortunately, I didn't get many of people actually enjoying the show. I'll try to dig for some of those and post the in the next couple of days. in the meantime, here's the ME show (my work):

here's all of my non-pottery art. the sayings in them were things you tell yourself when you are trying to be creative (good things and bad things...):

close-up of the centerpiece. yup, that's hand-sewn paper.

folded paper. I got really into faux wood textures:

I had several different versions of this saying (har, har, har. get it?):

the big black pillar is more folded paper (faux wood):

hand-carved block with blue enamel overlay:

tying in some of my pottery motifs:

some of the pottery:

thanks again to anyone who came to the show. I had so much fun doing this. AND, I got to watch about a gajillion movies while “MAKING ART.” so many, that chris is going crazy trying to figure out what I DIDN'T watch. seriously, it's kind of ridiculous.

Sep 3, 2010

S H O W - R E S U L T S

the show went great. thanks to everyone who came and for your well-wishes. I'll post some photos when I get back from vacation (2 weeks in black butte!).


Aug 23, 2010

S H O W !

a while back, my friend, sam, suggested we do a show together. sam is an uber-talented artist, and she and I showed our stuff together last year when I had the holiday clearance sale at work. knowing I don't have a lot of pottery to show (most was sold at the holiday sale and then spring was mostly commissions and MUGS!), knowing I would have to come up with some art to show, and knowing it's been a LONG TIME, I said yes.

the sale has grown to 6 of us arteests, and is a one-night-only sort of deal. on the first thursday of september. so now it's Go Time. (though for some reason, I keep slipping into Freak Out Time. so far, I have recorded Discouraged Crisis Numbers I and II. hm.)

anyway, here's the info. so if you find yourself in the portland area on september 2nd, you should stop by! (that means you, mom.

Jul 30, 2010

L I N E S - P I T C H E R

heres a good one to finish out the week: a super cute pitcher! it’s a small one though, for something like syrup. (if youre the type of person who doesnt pour directly from the bottle like we do in my house. who has time to warm it up when theres food to be shoved into your mouth?)

I made this with an accompanying cup, but it was ruined in a tragic kiln accident in which kristy, my teacher, accidentally set the kiln for the wrong temperature and ruined about five of my pieces. I
ll post accusatory and incriminating photos of that later.

but still, the cuteness! it
s 4.5" tall x 2.75" in diameter. though if you count the handle and spout, it’s 4.25" across.
m not sure you can see very well in the photos, but the lines on the handle have chartreuse underglaze in them. the outside is pure white matte glaze, and the inside is french gray.
wheel thrown, but the handle and spout were hand built. signed and dated, march 2010.
not for sale. I think I like it too much.

Jul 27, 2010

F A U X - B O I S - S T U M P Y - P L A N T E R

I did mention how I couldn’t stop using the wood design this past session, didn’t I? well, now it is time to mention how much I love succulents. and how if no one buys this, I am pretty sure it’s going to end up on my window sill at work, or maybe in the back yard, filled with succulents. or maybe, just maybe, I will plant it with succulents that are currently in the back yard, and put it on my window sill at work. though I am running out of room. and I have plenty of pots to fill. so someone please buy this.

oh! maybe I’ll fill it and sell it at the art show I'm doing in september. maybe. (more details on the show when I have them.)

slightly oval-y, this pot is 6.25" wide at its widest and just under 6" at its narrowest x 3" tall. it’s a little “organic” in shape, to look more stumpy. like a wood stump, not like short and squat. though I was aiming for that too.
I coated this with iron oxide in hopes that it would make the grain pattern stand out, then I covered it in pure white matte glaze.
hand built and signed, march 2010.
$25 (sorry, michael made me raise my prices)

S O L D (11.07.10)

Jun 30, 2010

R A C H A E L ' S - A R T - J A R S

the last of the spring commissions.

my friend, rachael, has seen some great success in her portrait business lately, and decided that she deserved something fancy to hold her art supplies in. so she asked me to make her 3 sizes of jars. canisters without lids. brush holders. whatever you want to call them. (please tell me if you know what to call them; I am drawing a blank here.) she asked for the paint brush, paint tube and x-acto imagery, and I decided to make them silhouettes, a la the AK-47 mug and went from there.

I feel like these pictures don't really do them justice; they are much better in person. I kind of shot these all a little over-exposed. still learning...

also still learning how to keep the cat away from my greenware (that's pottery that hasn't been fired yet, which means it's still slightly wet). and, well, still susceptible to CAT CLAWS. (see photo #4 below.) sorry, rach. simon le cat is not, however. he thought it added just a little conceptual oomph to the x-acto jar to have some cuts inside. and unfortunately at that point, I was powerless to smooth them out any more than I did. dang cat.

the small paint tube jar is 3.25" in diameter x just under 4.5" tall.
the medium x-acto jar is 3.5" in diameter x 5" tall.
the large paint brush jar hovers somewhere around 3.75-4" wide (it's a little bit oval-y) x just over 6" tall.
all of them have shiny turquoise glaze inside, though for some reason, it looks different in the x-acto jar. I guess it's a good example of how the same glaze, applied by the same person, in the same way, at the same time, can still turn out different. the wind shifted direction, I guess.
wheel-thrown and signed, april 2010.

T R A D E D (07.01.10)