Jun 30, 2010

R A C H A E L ' S - A R T - J A R S

the last of the spring commissions.

my friend, rachael, has seen some great success in her portrait business lately, and decided that she deserved something fancy to hold her art supplies in. so she asked me to make her 3 sizes of jars. canisters without lids. brush holders. whatever you want to call them. (please tell me if you know what to call them; I am drawing a blank here.) she asked for the paint brush, paint tube and x-acto imagery, and I decided to make them silhouettes, a la the AK-47 mug and went from there.

I feel like these pictures don't really do them justice; they are much better in person. I kind of shot these all a little over-exposed. still learning...

also still learning how to keep the cat away from my greenware (that's pottery that hasn't been fired yet, which means it's still slightly wet). and, well, still susceptible to CAT CLAWS. (see photo #4 below.) sorry, rach. simon le cat is not, however. he thought it added just a little conceptual oomph to the x-acto jar to have some cuts inside. and unfortunately at that point, I was powerless to smooth them out any more than I did. dang cat.

the small paint tube jar is 3.25" in diameter x just under 4.5" tall.
the medium x-acto jar is 3.5" in diameter x 5" tall.
the large paint brush jar hovers somewhere around 3.75-4" wide (it's a little bit oval-y) x just over 6" tall.
all of them have shiny turquoise glaze inside, though for some reason, it looks different in the x-acto jar. I guess it's a good example of how the same glaze, applied by the same person, in the same way, at the same time, can still turn out different. the wind shifted direction, I guess.
wheel-thrown and signed, april 2010.

T R A D E D (07.01.10)

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  1. Dani: Wow! You are very talented in everything you do! These jars are unique and beautiful! Jan W.