Jun 10, 2010

B R O W N - L I N E - M U G S

(yes, there are more mugs.)

these are the “safety mugs” I made in case something happened to natalie’s mugs. nothing happened to any of them during firing, so I had two extras to do with as I wished. michael saw them on my desk, awaiting glaze, and asked me to glaze them in brown and orange
. so I did, and he bought them. (thanks, michael!) it's been a while since I did any line cups in anything other than white outside, so this was a nice reminder of how they look with a dark outside.

including the handles, they are both about 6.25" wide (and 4.75" across if you don't count the handles) x 3" tall.
chocolate brown underglaze on the outside, flame orange glaze in.
wheel-thrown and signed, march 2010.

S O L D (06.03.10)

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