Jun 17, 2010

B ' S - M U G S

the grand mug finale!

I think brandy was the first to ask me to do some mugs for her, and she offhandedly asked for about 10. which I was both excited about and dreading since, well, that's a lot of mugs. if it gives you any perspective, I generally make about 12-17 pieces per class session. but with chris abroad for most of the spring and me free to spend my saturdays in the pottery studio without self-imposed guilt for not spending my free time with him, I pulled it off. oh, and also because I knew b wouldn't care if they were all the same size. so I just threw a bunch of mugs and hoped for the best.

and they turned out awesome, if I do say so myself. actually, I don't have to: chris will tell you himself that he almost didn't let them out of the house. and ya, maybe I took a lot of photos under the guise that they are a large set (9 total), so I HAVE to post extra, right?

these are all approximately 3.25" in diameter and they range from 3" tall (shortest) to 4.25" at the tallest. luckily, b and her husband both spent some years in japan and have embraced the no-handle tradition... (if she had asked for handles I might have imploded.)
she also wisely choose the final glaze colors: inside some are pistachio and some blizzard blue (might be a new favorite of mine...) and outside they are liquid luster bronze, which has a slight metallic look to it.
wheel-thrown and signed, march 2010 and maybe some april 2010 too.

S O L D (06.2010)

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  1. Fabulous! ANd the photos are really striking shots. evoc