Jun 3, 2010

N A T A L I E ’ S - M U G S

finally, here are the mugs ordered by my friend, natalie. she saw the BLOOD CUPS and decided she wanted two, in a coffee mug version.

these ended up being quite large,
but who knows, maybe natalie and her husband, jamie, LOVE coffee. like REALLY LOVE it. not being a coffee drinker, its hard for me to gauge how much people might actually drink in one sitting. and, well, I know some people who just might be addicted. Im not going to name any names or anything, but this reminds me: if you like good coffee, and you like the earth, check out grounds for change. owned, operated and devotedly guzzled by good friends of mine, they are doing it right, and sustainably so.

also, since we
re talking about natalie, I should mention that shes got her own talents. so, should you be in the market for an adorable hand-made bag, check out her etsy shop, bubags.

wow. I am such a pimp!

okay, back to the mugs: natalie requested flame orange glaze on the inside of hers, and french gray for the inside of jamie’s. both are glazed in pure white matte on the oustide.
and both are approximately 4.75" in diameter, not including the handle. if you count that, they are about 6.25" across. and they are both about 3" tall, and stack surprisingly well.
signed and dated, march 2010.

S O L D (06.03.10)

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