Jun 4, 2010

S C R I B B L E - M U G S

speaking of mugs, here are the ones ordered by my bonus mom, randy (chriss actual mom).

you know how sometimes I have a problem making things all the same size unless I pay close attention? well, this time I paid close attention. and they turned out really close in size. like REALLY close. that's what happens when you use a ruler and give a shit... however, I have to admit, I lived life on the edge and only made two; not allowing for any mishaps. lucky for me they came out beautifully, except not how I envisioned.

I was worried about the glaze filling in the scribbles. on occasion, I
bypass this problem by throwing scribble pieces in porcelain, which pretty much erases the problem (it fires white), but makes it so I have to glaze it in clear shiny glaze at the end (for food safety). I didnt want these to be shiny, and I didnt have any porcelain available, so I used regular trail mix clay. then I got a little OCD with the glaze, wiping it back a little in the areas I wanted it to be thinner and not glop up. evidently, I wiped it back a lot instead, and the end result is that the clay shows through. while it's not what I wanted or expected, I actually really like the rusticity of these. (randy, if you dont, please dont feel obligated to buy them; I will sell them to someone else. my feelings wont be hurt at all, and Id make some porcelain ones for you in the fall.)

both are 3.25" in diameter, 4.5-ish" with handle. (the handles are where they vary most in size.) but both are just under 3.75" tall.
wheel-thrown and signed, april 2010.
$25 each

S O L D (01.05.11)

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