Aug 23, 2010

S H O W !

a while back, my friend, sam, suggested we do a show together. sam is an uber-talented artist, and she and I showed our stuff together last year when I had the holiday clearance sale at work. knowing I don't have a lot of pottery to show (most was sold at the holiday sale and then spring was mostly commissions and MUGS!), knowing I would have to come up with some art to show, and knowing it's been a LONG TIME, I said yes.

the sale has grown to 6 of us arteests, and is a one-night-only sort of deal. on the first thursday of september. so now it's Go Time. (though for some reason, I keep slipping into Freak Out Time. so far, I have recorded Discouraged Crisis Numbers I and II. hm.)

anyway, here's the info. so if you find yourself in the portland area on september 2nd, you should stop by! (that means you, mom.