Mar 30, 2010

F R E N C H - G R A Y - T R A Y

when I made leslie's casserole dish, I made a spare, which I used as a glaze experiment. actually, it was a black wax experiment more than anything else. I applied the wax OVER the glaze instead of under, to see what would happen. okay, and out of laziness; it's really tedious and time consuming to wipe back the gaze from the wax if you put it on first. anyway, the effect is pretty cool, for a more rustic look. I wonder though, if the type of wax I used made a difference. I used the classroom's store of wax, which is a different brand and consistency than mine.

the final piece is approximately the same size as leslie's dish (same mold used):
6.5 inches wide x 15.25 inches long x 1.75 inches tall.
black wax over french gray glaze.

hand-built and signed, january 2010

S O L D (03.30.10)

Mar 28, 2010

S T A R R - P O T

I've been sitting across from sarah starr for several years now. in fact, I would venture to guess that most of my time at work has been with her, and it would be more than fair to say she's my work wife. recently, however, we were forced to move apart. this is my breakup present to her. I debated planting something in it, but starr is a plant gal too, so I decided she'd probably prefer to choose what goes in it herself. maybe she'll even share a photo when she does?

sarah is also a sucker for tiny things, so I made this one pretty small. it's 3.5 inches wide x 1.75 inches tall.
the star is carved into the side and painted with orange underglaze and clear over the top (and the rest of the outside). the inside is nassau blue.

wheel-thrown and signed, january 2010
$ - I won't list a price since it was a gift

G I F T E D (03.22.09)

Mar 26, 2010


in progress

when my friend, natalie, saw the BLOOD CUPS, she asked me to make some in coffee cup size. oh, and with handles. here are a couple of quick snapshots taken at my desk of what they turned out to look like. keep in mind, they hadn't been fired at this point, and so they are kind of huge. don't worry; they shrink every time you fire them (which is twice), which winds up to be about 10-12%. I'll keep you posted on their progress. I'm hoping they'll be out of the kiln
tomorrow and that I'll be able to grab them to glaze.

Mar 19, 2010

L E S L E E ' S - D O T - D I S H

the final piece.
remember this casserole dish? it's finally done. I'm really happy with the end result, as well as happy with the two additional orders I now have as a result of it sitting on my desk for so long. (sorry dylan, but thanks jackie and deborah!)

anyway, this turned out pretty great, if I do say so... that's why I took so many photos. well, that and because I had a hard time getting the whole dish in frame, so I felt like I needed a bunch to show you the whole thing. and the details. there's a lot of stuff going on here.

its new owner just might even discover she owns it tonight!

anyway, the tray is about 6.5 inches wide x 15 inches long x 1.75 inches tall.
the dots are in black wax, like I mentioned before, and the glaze is pistachio.

this one is hand-built. and I signed it and dated it january 2010
$ - I won't list a price since it was a gift, but if you want one, let me know and I'll whisper the price over email.
S O L D (03.19.10)

Mar 18, 2010

M U L T I - M U L T I - C O L O R E D - L I N E - C U P S

when I was making the BLOOD CUPS, I was having an off day; I couldn't throw two things the same size to save my own life. I ended up with a bunch of random bowl/cups, none quite the same, so I decided to glaze them all different colors as well.

so far, two have been snapped up (thank you, jen c.!). the fiesta yellow, and the flame orange.
but here they all are. (I couldn't help but to photograph them all together, look how cute they are stacked!) the ones which are still available are the aqua color and the two blue ones. one was supposed to be lavender, but I was using glaze from the bottom of the bucket, and I suspect there was a lot of cobalt settling down there which turned it more blue than purple. that's the large one. the smaller blue one is glazed in cobalt blue. it did some really nice things when it fired, as you can see in the pics below. the medium sized bowl was done in pacific blue, which just might be my new favorite color. it's a really lovely aqua in person.

here are the sizes:
largest blue (lavender):
3.5 inches in diameter x 2.5 inches high
medium (pacific blue):
3.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches high
smallest (cobalt): 3.25 inches in diameter x 1.75 inches high

oh and the outside glaze color is pure white matte. of course.
all of them are wheel-thrown and signed, january 2010

$15 each,
$25 for a set of two, or
$40 for all three

(below) stacked!:

see what I mean about how cute they look?:

jen c.'s orange and yellow cups:

still homeless:

intended to be lavender, but actually blue (largest):

pacific blue (medium):

see what i mean about the glaze flashing nicely? cobalt blue (smallest):


Mar 10, 2010

W O N K Y - G R A Y - B O W L

I swear when I threw this it was not nearly as wonky as it is now. I know that as I am working I sometimes pick still-wet pieces up in ways that perhaps are not so good for their symmetry, but I swear it was not this crooked, even when I turned it in for firing.

anyway, despite its stealthy wonkiness, it's a fairly good sized bowl. it's 9.5 inches across x 2.5 inches tall.
the outside glaze color is french gray - a new color for me. I'm still experimenting with it; it seems to be a bit hard to get an even coat on, but I did pretty well on this piece. inside, it's pure white matte.
wheel-thrown and signed, december 2009


S O L D (09.20.10)

Mar 4, 2010

B L O O D - C U P S

finally, the blood cups! I got a guy at work who is MUCH better than me at photography to help me figure out how the heck to shoot my stuff reliably well. I hope. this was the first photoshoot, and I'll try again soon to know if I can duplicate what he showed me on my own. I have to admit; I already tried shooting something else with another camera, and was less successful; the buttons don't all do the same things, dang it! but of course that also could have been because I was shooting a friend's back tattoo in a poorly lit bathroom.

anyway, here are the BLOOD CUPS.
final sizes are just approximately 3 inches in diameter x about 2 inches tall.they vary a bit, being handmade and all.
the outside glaze color is pure white matte. the little bit of tan you see showing through on the front of one is the color of the clay. and inside? BLOOD. okay, no. really it's the new and improved ripe apple red (it used to be less red and more sucky, so I rarely if ever used it).
wheel-thrown and signed, january 2010