Feb 11, 2010

I N - P R O G R E S S

a bit I'm currently working on.

remember my semi-impromptu sale? this is a direct result. at the sale, I had a plate with these fun bubble/dot designs on it which had already sold by the time my friend dylan saw it. dylan must be a fabulous husband because he commissioned me to make this dish for his lovely wife, who is a big pottery fan.
(apparently said wife has collected so much that she's finally had to limit her purchases to functional pieces because she's pretty much out of room. luckily, I do functional.)

anyway, here it is in progress. at the point I took these pictures, I had just finished hand-painting the bubble/dot designs on it with black wax. it's still not glazed, but I intend to glaze it in "pistachio," which is one of my favorite glazes. (dylan, now is your chance to change your mind on glaze color if you want. speak now, or forever use a pistachio casserole dish!)

I'll post again when it's done. hopefully better pictures though... and with a cleaner backdrop... am I really about to post my cluttered coffee table on the internets?

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