Feb 1, 2010

R A N D Y ' S - V A S E

finally, here's the last piece with slip inlay that I did for the holidays. I made this one especially for randy, because I based it off a photo she had taken in great falls, virginia, of all things – a vulture:

obviously, I could only approximate the trees below the bird, so I did my best to hand-carve the bird, then took artistic license with the branches. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I didn't measure this piece, but I'm guessing it was about 6 inches tall or so. it has shiny turquoise glaze on the inside to suggest sky and clear glaze on the outside.
wheel-thrown and signed, november 2009

$ - I won't list a price since it was a gift

G I F T E D (12.25.09)


  1. I love this vase. I think I need a collection of these on my desk to hold my paint brushes so I can be inspired by their loveliness. Interested in an art-for-art trade?

  2. Maybe with silhouettes of paint brushes, watercolor tubes, etc. on them...?

  3. i can do that! now i have to think about what i might need from you!

  4. Cool. Send me an email when you think of something!