Feb 4, 2010

S N E A K - P R E V I E W

of the non-pottery sort.

there's this fun thing in portland where all the galleries open their doors on the first thursday of every month and have music and food and wine and show off their new shows. it's smartly called First Thursday. my company has a big open space on the first floor, just as you come inside the front doors that we have recently deemed a gallery space, and today, this First Thursday, I am not only organizing a show, but I actually have a poster in it as well.

I'm probably not supposed to show you, so you'll actually come, but I realize that most of you live far away and can't come anyway, so here is my poster:

it's an excerpt from the haitian national anthem. the small type tells you the english translation (thank you, kristin, for your help in dealing with the french). the red part is something lovely and inspiring like "our souls will be strengthened" which I thought was appropriate. when i was done with the poster, I looked at it and thought, "this is so ME." I just love me some classic beautiful type.

anyway, this is a pretty sizable show. about 30 different artists/designers. here are some photos of some of what you can look forward to if you do make it. you can see ALL the posters here, and buy them if you live afar. actually, if you want me to buy you one tonight, I will. they are cheaper at the show tonight than on the site. (it's only a $10 suggested minimum donation vs. $50 online). it's a good cause, so if you want me to buy you one, let me know!

but shhhh, about that.

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