Dec 22, 2009

A K - 4 7 - M U G

this might be the best thing I have ever made. I'm tempted to leave it at that, but for those of you who might just be left scratching your heads, I'll explain: when my friend John saw the inlay technique, he sent me and email saying he would pay "top dollar" for a mug with this on it:

so OF COURSE I had to do it.
it's 3.25 inches wide. if you include the handle, it's almost 5 inches. oh, and it's about 4.5 inches tall.
clear glaze over the outside, "ripe apple (aka blood) red" on the inside.
i'm obviously giving john first dibs on this one. but as usual, I can make more. and if he doesn't want it...
$30 (because I hate doing handles.)

S O L D (12.23.09). thanks, johnny!

happy holidays, everyone.

Dec 21, 2009

W I S H - P O T

as promised, here is another piece I did using slip inlay. just for kicks I had it on the table at my sale - as greenware. (that means it hadn't been fired yet, but was air-dry) and it sold! thanks, rocker, for having faith it would turn out. I could have ruined christmas...

I stuck with black inlay because I switched to a smoother clay (grogless g-mix in case anyone cares) and there just wasn't any other color option, though I had initially envisioned a dark brown design.
despite the inlay being stupidly labor intensive, I really love the result. I think I'm going to have to limit myself to a couple per session though if I ever want to get anything else accomplished. I managed to eke out four items with inlay this term (each with increasing detail), but I did devote a day and a half to carving, filling and scraping and ignoring things like eating, drinking and going to the bathroom.

this little pot is just about 4.25 inches across at its widest x 3 inches in height.
it has pistachio glaze on the inside which turned out to be quite subtle. I stuck with just clear glossy glaze on the outside so the design would show to its maximum. we're all about full potential here!
wheel-thrown and signed, november 2009

$ - I won't list the price since it's a gift

S O L D (12.08.09)

S L I P - I N L A Y

WARNING: these pictures are crap. I considered not sharing them at all, but then I thought perhaps you have a right to see how things went; I left you hanging there, didn't I? so, here are my photos of how the slip inlay technique turned out.

photo 1, lazy attempt at documentation using camera phone at my desk:

photo 2, guilty attempt with point and shoot at light booth, after realizing desk shot was just not going to cut it:

photo 3, an attempt at detail shot:

these poorly lit shots are only of the bowl, but the vase version turned out just as sweet. all in all, I am super excited about how they turned out. in fact, when I brought them into work to take photos of them, they were quickly snapped up by eager customers (aka: co-workers). so I made more with the inlay technique. stay tuned for photos of those. maybe tomorrow.

Dec 8, 2009


today I had a huge sale. I put everything I had lying around (including stuff that was laying around my house) and took it to work. in december, we often have people sitting at a big table in the atrium of our building, hocking their wares. so I figured it was worth a shot. plus, I had a backlog of things that hadn't sold. or stuff that I hadn't even TRIED selling.

being that I was too embarrassed to sit out there by myself, I suckered my friends sam, sef and tram into bringing stuff too. sam paints. sef draws. and tram, well, she and her husband have made these amazing plant pots... they'll be featured in dwell magazine in april if that tells you anything.

here's the flyer so you can see samples.
(click to enlarge)

I'm updating all the old posts here with what's now sold. which is quite a bit, actually. AND I have to say I am quite pleased with myself. at least in dollar amounts. ha!

hopefully I'll have other stuff on here soon too. thank you to everyone who bought something. you're the bestest. and for whoever took some of the super balls out of the ruffles bowl, that was weird.