Dec 21, 2009

S L I P - I N L A Y

WARNING: these pictures are crap. I considered not sharing them at all, but then I thought perhaps you have a right to see how things went; I left you hanging there, didn't I? so, here are my photos of how the slip inlay technique turned out.

photo 1, lazy attempt at documentation using camera phone at my desk:

photo 2, guilty attempt with point and shoot at light booth, after realizing desk shot was just not going to cut it:

photo 3, an attempt at detail shot:

these poorly lit shots are only of the bowl, but the vase version turned out just as sweet. all in all, I am super excited about how they turned out. in fact, when I brought them into work to take photos of them, they were quickly snapped up by eager customers (aka: co-workers). so I made more with the inlay technique. stay tuned for photos of those. maybe tomorrow.

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