Jan 22, 2009


okay, when I was making this pot, I messed up. anyone who has ever done any wheel throwing knows exactly what I mean when they look at this piece - ruffles are not exactly what potters strive for. and usually, I toss out anything that turns out this way. (sometimes, you can also cut off the top wavy part and then pull up more clay from the sides to make it taller, thereby getting rid of all ruffles...) but this one? this one, I actually liked. the waves didn't interfere with the mouth of the bowl, and well, it was just so artfully... ruffle-y. a happy accident, as it were. so I kept it and I finished it. and now it's a fun little bowl used for the storage of... superballs..?

approx 3.5 inches in diameter x 2.5 inches tall

matte white glaze.
wheel-thrown and signed, march 2008

(superballs included. but only if you ask nicely.)

S O L D (12.21.09)

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