Jan 23, 2009

B A K I N G - D I S H

I have this obsession with a couple of glazes and glaze combos. this one is a good example of the blue drips I like to do.... when you drip this particular glaze ("aqua gemstone," if anyone cares) onto the matte white glaze, it does this amazing sort of bleed thing which fires so nicely. sometimes it gives a toasted marshmallow look around the edges of the blue. yum. also, I like to pair that with a creamy yellowy glaze on the outside (called "vanilla cream"). double yum.

so, this is a casserole dish. it's 9.5 inches wide (including handles). without the handles it's 8 inches x 7.25 inches. and it's 3.25 inches deep.

this one is special because it's wheel-thrown (sides) AND hand-built (bottom and handles).
signed, march 2008


S O L D (12.08.09)

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