Feb 16, 2010

G L A Z E D - N O T - F I R E D

here's another commission from my sale. I had a couple of these cups at the show which sold very quickly. everyone grumbled about them already being sold, but my friend, jane, is the one who asked me to make more. she kept saying "BLOOD CUPS. I need some BLOOD CUPS." which was both funny and unnerving. maybe that's why no one else asked me to make more.

anyway, I figured that I'd show these in progress not only so jane knew they were really being made, but also because I am fairly sure I've never shown you what glaze looks like before it's fired. it's chalky. and more often than not, does not reflect the color it will actually turn out to be. these cups will be (blood) red and shiny on the inside and matte white on the outside. like this bowl. the greenish tinge you see in these photos is actually wax. I applied it after I put the red glaze on, so the white glaze wouldn't mix into the red glaze. who wants milk in their BLOOD? ew.

anyway, I should be able to pick these up tomorrow evening, all done-sies and lovely. and if they don't turn out by some freak of firing (which also happens), I've made more.


p.s: no, I did not do any of the other pieces shown.

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