Feb 24, 2009

R E D - L I N E - B O W L

in red and white

a lot of what I have learned in pottery is to let go of expectations and intentions and embrace what actually happens. it's a good life lesson, really.

this piece is another example of that lesson:
any of you who know me very well, know that I have a bit of a perfectionist in me. (yes, mom, that's an understatement...) I strive for perfection, and I honestly wish that more of my pieces turned out looking like they were made by a machine. let's face it, if you can hand-throw something and make it machine perfect, you are a master. a rockstar. a badass.

so I intend to make each piece as perfect as it can be. and I
intended the red in this little bowl to come out as a nice, even, solid red. however, red glazes are notoriously difficult; they are rarely true reds. in an effort to get a more vibrant color, I used an underglaze, and brushed it on, which harbors its own dangers... and this didn't come out how I intended. but it's actually kind of charming. not perfect, but still good enough for candy.

part of my line series, this bowl is just under 4.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall.
thrown on the wheel, signed and dated, january 2007


S O L D (03.09.09)

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