Dec 16, 2010

T H E - D A Y - A F T E R

thank you to everyone who made the sale a success. (it was!) here are some photos. they'll have to document all the work I didn't actually take the time to photograph or measure. whoops.

pretty much everything is sold. I only have about 4 things left that aren't (see below for what). give me a holler if you need any last-minute gifts!

mostly new stuff. the white plate is still available:

one unglazed piece made the sale:

I called this gray sake set "the third wheel."
chris told me I should market it as the "menage a trois" set instead.

the green plate with the black design in the foreground is still available:

all of these are still available:

monica models her commission:

look at me. I can't believe I am getting away with this:

maybe a little TOO happy...

ps: does my hair always look like that?

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  1. Great looking stuff Dani!
    Nice job!