Jul 30, 2010

L I N E S - P I T C H E R

heres a good one to finish out the week: a super cute pitcher! it’s a small one though, for something like syrup. (if youre the type of person who doesnt pour directly from the bottle like we do in my house. who has time to warm it up when theres food to be shoved into your mouth?)

I made this with an accompanying cup, but it was ruined in a tragic kiln accident in which kristy, my teacher, accidentally set the kiln for the wrong temperature and ruined about five of my pieces. I
ll post accusatory and incriminating photos of that later.

but still, the cuteness! it
s 4.5" tall x 2.75" in diameter. though if you count the handle and spout, it’s 4.25" across.
m not sure you can see very well in the photos, but the lines on the handle have chartreuse underglaze in them. the outside is pure white matte glaze, and the inside is french gray.
wheel thrown, but the handle and spout were hand built. signed and dated, march 2010.
not for sale. I think I like it too much.

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