Apr 20, 2010

A S T E R I S K - B O W L

you may not know this, but there's this thing I do a lot on my pottery. a scribble thing. I don't have a lot of it documented on this site, but I do it a fair bit - evidently on pieces that slip past me posting them for some reason or another. anyway, you can see it here. in my experiment-with-underglaze-pencil-drawing phase, I decided to give some scribbles a try in another way. and here they are. I kind of like how they turned out and how they look like I drew them left-handed. while hanging upside down on monkey bars. drunk.

this bowl is a decent size. not huge, but not small either. kind of like what you'd put a big bunch of grapes in. or rice for a family of four: it's 6.75 inches wide x 3 inches high. the outside is a new color for me: pippin green. and the inside is perfect white glaze over black underglaze pencil (which turns blue in the firing process).
signed and dated february 2010.

S O L D (09.02.10)

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