Apr 12, 2010

" A " - B O W L

get it?

I was inspired by the letter "a" hanging above my friend sam's desk. and, well sam's art. sam does lovely things with type. and other things too. and when we showed together, it was magical. okay, it was pretty cool and I decided to give it a shot. I like how it turned out, but am not sure I'll go further with it, at least in this style. maybe with the black wax or some inlay. mostly I was bummed out about the green glaze drip on the corner. the color was an experiment, which albeit beautiful, was also a bit runny. thankfully, sam didn't care; she bought the dish. (thanks, sam!)

wouldn't you know, I forgot to measure the dish before I sent it on to its new home. it's about the same width as the long trays I've made, so I am guessing it's about 6.5 inches wide x about 1.75 inches high. and the length... maybe 8 inches?
I used black underglaze pencil to draw the "a." when covered with perfect white glaze, it turns blue. magic! on the outside, I put
scotch pine over vanilla cream. (I think. I'll have to look that one up.)
hand built. signed, january 2010

S O L D (03.18.10)

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