May 5, 2010

F A U X - B O I S - P L A N T E R - 0 1

I admit it, I was initially disappointed in the results of this one. this was another case of the pot shrinking more than I expected. (I expected a big planter, not a medium sized one.) and I think somehow it got smooshed in the second firing, so it's slightly more "organic" than I had intended. but then it grew on me. enough to make me question whether I should just keep it for myself, and then to make a second attempt at a bigger one (which I'll get around to revealing someday...)

anyhow, I can't get enough of the fake wood effect. I did a fair few pieces this session with it. (also to be revealed at later dates). and I can't wait to see this planted with something. as long as it's not ivy. that would gross me out.

this planter is 8.5 inches wide at its widest and more like 8 inches where it got smooshed x just over 5.5 inches tall. so it would fit a gallon nursery plant. I think.

I rubbed it with iron oxide
before glazing it in pure white matte. that helped make the "faux bois" (wood grain) stand out a bit more.
painstakingly hand-built and signed, february 2010.

S O L D (05.27.10)

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