May 28, 2010

F A U X - B O I S - C A S S E R O L E

and the wood goes on...

I liked this piece a lot. my friend, erin snapped it up to give as a retirement gift, so I
might have to make another once I start back up in the fall. for some reason when I tried making the casseroles this time around, they came out smaller than I had hoped, so it might be a good exercise for me anyway. or I'll just cheat and hand-build the whole thing. this is actually wheel thrown AND hand-built; I threw a doughnut shape for the walls and then flattened the sides out to make it rectangular. ish. then I attached the bottom and handles by hand.

since erin had to leave in a rush, and this piece had only been sitting on my bookcase for WEEKS, I didn't get measurements, but I managed to snap a few decent pictures. I think it's about 7 inches wide x about 10 or 11 inches long (including handles) and maybe 3 inches tall.
the outside is pure white matte and the inside is pistachio.
signed and dated february 2010.

S O L D (05.27.10)

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