Nov 4, 2011

C Y L I N D E R - V A S E S - W I T H - O A K

as part of the wood frenzy, I made these vases inlaid with wood rings. okay, techincally, they aren't inlaid, I guess. the wood goes through to the inside, so they are actually rings sandwiched between clay. ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!

sorry. couldn't help myself.

anyway, now that I have reminded you how nerdy I am, I will confess some other things as well:
1. I want to make about a dozen more of these in varying shapes and sizes for my next show.
2. maybe, just maybe, I will attempt vases with more than one ring. that could get tricky though;
3. when I fired them, they stuck together and there was a good bit that I thought I wouldn't be able to get them apart to put the wood in there.
4. I, of course, did not do the wood myself (thanks again, mike berg).
5. I need a new wood guy. mike berg can't devote his life to helping me. wah.


I didn't get a chance to measure these, but they are glazed with eggshell wash outside and copper patina inside, which is what gives them that greenish tinge around the top lip. I also had to do some white underglaze around the areas where the wood was going so there wouldn't be weird unglazed areas. (underglaze won't stick together. actual glaze will.)
wheel-thrown and signed july (or august?) 2011.
$135 for the short, $150 for the tall

S O L D – even before the show started (08.04.11)

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