Apr 7, 2011

S Q U I SH - D I S H

for janine

here's another recreation. guess you're getting used to those, huh? this one was ordered by janine, who wanted hers to be a little smaller than the one I had in the holiday sale. it is, but it might be mostly shorter, since I had an epic bookkeeping breakdown and didn't measure or document anything before I sold it all off.

as you can see, this piece looks a lot better now than it did while in-progress, all yellow-y and omnious, though the dark blue inside still looks black. I swear it's blue.

the mouth is 6.25 inches at its widest. if you measure in the opposite direction, it's 4.25 wide, but that's at the base - the mouth isn't as wide. and it's 3.5 inches tall.
I glazed it midnight blue inside. no, really. and I put zinc-free clear over that in the hopes it would lighten up a little bit. it didn't. I also did that on the drips on the outside. I think it did lighten there because that was on top of the pure white matte glaze.
wheel-thrown and signed, probably february or march 2011. looks like my bookkeeping is failing again. dang.

S O L D (03.28.11)

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