Jul 5, 2011

S O M E T H I N G - O L D

since crunch time for the show is upon us (me), and I just got news that a couple of things might not have survived the kiln the way I had hoped, I am going to post some things I did a long time ago, un-pottery-related.

two calendar pages.

I am not sure why I never posted them here, but long story short is I forgot I could even do that. post things that are non-ceramic. so here's my april calendar page for the w+k studio goodness 2011 calendar (we do one every year).

in oregon, the rain is our umbrella:

and here it is with the rest of the pages (barely, see the drops and umbrella handle, at the top?). the other pages were designed by other talented people I work with:

here's the october calendar page I did for our 2010 calendar:
bunny kitty!

in its binding (we didn't take photos of them all together that year):

that's it. graphics galore. I am going to go try to figure out how to solve some stuff. and maybe sulk just a little.

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