May 2, 2011

C E R A M I C S - S H O W C A S E

every year, the oregon potters association has a big showcase at the convention center where all the local potters (okay, not all, but a lot), set up booths and sell their wares. it's great. they run it like a big grocery store full of pottery. so basically you wander around, pick up anything you like and take it to a checkout at the end. (yes, they have a holding area so you don't have to tote around a bunch of heavy pottery.)

anyway, it was this past weekend. and this year, I helped my teacher, kristy with her booth (you can watch a little video her husband made about it, here). I also shopped around for ideas, drooled over a few things here and there, and generally got inspired. here are a few highlights:

some cool work done by high school students
(sadly, not for sale):

a nice retro pattern by one artist, who strangely did this and wood fire
(which is a
very different look...):


okay, I am completely obsessed with this guy. seriously, how amazing is he?

nice set (ya, I know I could totally make that):

and well... really.

yes, I do wish I had taken more photos. but I did take a lot of ideas.
mwah hah ha ha.

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