May 3, 2011

G R A Y - L I N E - B O W L

yup. it's a line bowl. and it's gray. but there's a TWIST! hold on to your horses:
this one has TWO LINES. one on the back and one on the front. and the lines go all the way to the foot ring.

I KNOW, RIGHT? I might as well throw out all the rules.

this crazy dish is 5.125 inches in diameter x 2.25 inches tall. the inside is steel blue. no, it's something else. oh man, I can't remember the name of that glaze. I'll have to update that later this week. but it's cool, right? the gray/blue? I like the way it breaks and changes color a little bit sometimes. the outside is glazed with eggshell wash.
wheel thrown, signed and dated january, 2011


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