Nov 26, 2012

F E R N - G U L L I E S

I've decided to take you on a little walking tour of the show. it's easier than debating with myself what to post first. but first, the THANK YOUS:

this year, I enlisted a lot of help, mostly with naming the pieces (okay, and pricing. I hate pricing). thank you to heather and chris for that. and for looking over my show list and helping me figure out what goes in and what didn't. self-editing is hard!

thank you to jenn and mom, for threading string on tiny pieces for mobiles. (why am I so obsessed with mobiles?)

and thank you to kristin, jan and mom for hauling, installing and placing. and making sure I was fed.

so, without further ado, meet the fern gullies. (named by pun-master heather and planted lovingly and fitted with wire by mom.) to be honest, I kept forgetting about these, because their placement was on a support post by themselves, a little separate from the rest of my stuff. thank goodness other people saw them! they both sold fairly quickly, but I would not have been upset to have kept them. they turned out even better than I imagined.

these are both made of stoneware, and hand-built. this summer (july-ish, 2012). they are hung from gold wire and planted with ferns because yo, the theme was NEW ZEALAND. and ferns? they are EVERYWHERE there. hold still and they'll grow out of your nose.
$50 each

S O L D (11.01.12)

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