Nov 27, 2012

T H E - B E N C H

remember last year? when I busted my butt trying to get a BENCH built for the show? and DIDN'T get it done in time? well, after some soul-searching, ignoring and piling of pieces into the garage, I pulled it back out and got some help. thank you to bill yost, woodworker extraordinaire, (who came recommended by david kennedy) with the skills to finish this thing right.

here are a couple of photos of it in progress in bill's shop:
we eventually filled the gap with concrete for stability (but it's still modular!)

see the nice angle bill cut out of the top? it pretty much solved all the issues of the slumpy legs and made it so we could get them flush with the top. and, it actually made the top comfy to sit on, though it's no longer a viable option as a coffee table.

strangely, I don't have tons of detail photos of it finished. I think because it had to sit on the floor, and well, people were all around it. but also, I still own it (see also: STILL AVAILABLE!), so the need to get photos somehow seems less pressing.

here it is, in the show:

before the show began

during setup time

so, hand-built, 2011-2012. walnut slab and stoneware (the legs!)
$1600 (because, well, you know why.)

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