Nov 29, 2012

F O L L O W I N G - S U M M E R

okay, this is out of order, but this particular piece is on my mind lately (not the least of which is because chris just went back to australia for 3 more weeks). it's a mobile I made of ceramic raindrops. we didn't get much rain in new zealand, but when we did, it made things fairly spectacular. and one of the reasons we even considered going to new zealand in the first place was because it was february and we wanted to follow as much summer as we could.

(also please note the awesome hanging display made by jan. give the guy a bunch of random wood pieces, and here's what you get...)

hand-built drops in a multitude of colors, wooden embroidery hoop and thread. october 2012. I will be making more of these (as individual ornaments, and maybe a couple of mobiles in varying shapes and sizes) for my work sale next week. speak up if you'd like me to pull some out for you.

S O L D (11.01.12)

in its final home (thank you, angie and katie for the photo!)

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