Dec 4, 2012

F A S C I N A T I N G - V A S E S

though perhaps these should be called "facet-nating" vases?

regardless, I made a bunch of vases with facets cut out of them. while not strictly new zealand themed, I felt like this kind of symbolized us getting our heads out of the boxes they had been in before our trip.

all the vases vary a little, and have the wood grain effect I am so fond of. the tricky part was letting myself just use whatever pieces worked when I built them, and not get hung up on what was wood grain and what wasn't. and then glazing: I made a rule that anything wood grain had to be white. so it was a bit of a puzzle to figureout what would work and what wouldn't.

the last one I made was the big (purple) one, and it got more complicated than the rest... I might try to do something similar again someday with a different glaze; I had hoped the hot orchid glaze I used would turn out differently (it usually does)

there were five in all. three sold (though I had a lot of people ask after the little yellow one). so the two left are the purple one and the pink one.

handbuilt, august through october 2012. dimensions of the ones I still have available upon request.
hot orchid (also known as purple) : $110
yellow: $35
celadon: $45
blizzard blue: $85
tutu pink : $75

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