Dec 11, 2012

E A S Y - W A Y - D O W N

I mentioned in my last post that chris and I did a whole bunch of adventuring in new zealand among which activities was paragliding. we went up the mountain in queenstown to just take an easy day and do some of the little luge ride they have up there (which we did), but then realized that there were people running off the side of the mountain. for some reason, that looked like a much more fun way to get down than the gondola. so, without much careful thought or consideration (i.e. time to chicken out), we did it. and it was AWESOME.

this mobile is an ode to that time and the sheep mentality, which in this case, made life much more fun.

the mobile attaches directly to the wall (thank you, jan, for figuring out how to make that work) and the parachutes are hand-made from porcelain. I glazed the tops of them in zinc-free clear glaze to make them shine a bit. the sheep were each molded from sculpey.

october 2012.
$150 (though I probably should have charged more!)

S O L D (11.01.12)

and OMG what were we thinking?

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